2020 Lecture Programme

7th January – Simon Seligman. ‘Debo’ – Mitford, Cavendish, Duchess and ‘Housewife’ 1920 – 2014

4th February – Doug Gillen. Hidden Canvasses. Street Art and the City

3rd March – Giles Ramsay. David Garrick: Actor and Impresario

7th AprilLars Tharp. The Gate of Heroes: On the China trail

5th May – Sarah Cove. Constable: From Chocolate Box to Jackson Pollock

2nd June – Frank Woodgate. ‘A Flawed Genius’? The Life and Times of Amadeo Modigliani

6th October – Nicholas Reed.  The Paintings and Wit of Winston Churchill and Noel Coward

3rd November – Angela Findlay. The Other Side: Germany’s post WWII culture of Memorials and Counter Memorials

1st December – Alan Read. The Inventors of Christmas