Who we are

Because of continuing restrictions caused by the Covid pandemic, the Arts Society Derby has had to cancel the lecture programme for this autumn. Landau Forte College has advised us that they are unlikely to allow us to use the Hall for lectures until January, and at present the committee hopes that it will be possible to offer the full programme of lectures and events for 2021, beginning in January. Of course, this may have to change if circumstances alter.

For the period September to December, live online lectures will be available to members at 1pm on the following Fridays: 18th September, 23rd October, 27th November,18th December. Please see the Chairman’s recent email to members for details. Later in October, we will be posting out the renewal package for 2021, giving details of the Lecture and Events Programme.  We will be offering a discount on the 2021 subscription to existing members to reflect the number of lectures cancelled this year. We do hope that you will feel able to re-join.

Townsend, Ernest; Second Exeter Bridge, Derby; Derby Museums Trust. Reproduced from Art UK under CC-BY-NC-SA licence.

The Arts Society Derby is a group of over 250 people from the Derby area who enjoy the arts, want to find out more about them, and want to meet other people with the same interests. You don’t have to be an expert to join us –whatever your background and level of knowledge, our activities will give you opportunities to explore the arts and to enjoy them more. Through our lectures, trips and events you can learn about all aspects of the arts, from early times to the present day – not only the visual arts such as painting, sculpture, architecture and decorative arts, but also music, literature and other non-visual arts. You can discover more about what we do on the following pages. We hope to hear from you and to see you at one of our lectures.

You will be very welcome!